Blynk for TI Sensortag 2.0

What about getting connectivity to the new Sensortag

currently BLE but there will be a wifi version as well; 10 sensors for the Blynk cloud :smile:

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Yes I think it would be great to have SensorTag support, but I believe the board has not got any support from either Arduino nor Energia yet. It would be cool to have Quaternion widget, and few other outputs from SensorTag.

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@vshymanskyy, what would you say about this hardware?

This requires specific support of this device on the App side, and it’s not so cool as you won’t be able to use it dynamically, just display the data… it’s not an extensible way so I think we won’t do that in the near future…
BUT! you could use another arduino/raspberry/PC to read data from the SensorTag and report it to Blynk using javascript… should be as easy as it sounds :wink:

TI expects to have this hardware on Energia soon, which based on the same Wiring platform as arduino. So in that time you can add Blynk library there, the similar way when your bluetooth low energy support for Lightblue Bean is available. The extension connector exposed many GPIO, SPI, 4x PWM, I2C, even digital audio… so it is very extensible little thing.

Displaying data especially accelerometer + gyro can be cool for prototype demonstration in quaternion view, hope you would have time to add this widget.

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You’re right. WHEN it is supported by Energia…

with the new Energia release 17 Update Energia there is now support for the sensortag… any chance to get on blynking?
TI will later this year release also a sensortag wifi which will even increase the versality of the plattform.

cheers, Gernot


Hi. I couldn’t find any examples yet… Especially for BLE connectivity.

Energia 17 brings support for the CC2650 SensorTag but, for legal reasons, doest include the BLE stack.

In order to get the data from the CC2650 SensorTag and push them to Blynk, I’m considering using the RedBear Duo board with BLE and WiFi as a bridge. The BLE stack for the RedBear Duo is provided by BlueKitchen.

Now, I’m waiting for the much anticipated Bluetooth support for Blynk!

I have one CC2650 SensorTag and I have no good idea what can I do with it, but since it is equiped with many sensors I would like to use it (in combination with D1 mini). Any idea how?

The first tests with a Raspberry Pi Zero ($5) + RedBear IoT pHAT ($13) + Node-RED were hectic, but eventually succeeded.

It’s actually not too hard to make raspberry pi collect sensortag data via bluetooth and sent to the blynk cloud using our Node.js library.

I’m going to give Blynk for Node-Red a try!

No major issue with the node-red-contrib-blynk-websockets, except it still uses a non-secure connection (ws instead of wss).


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Please find the full instructions at SensorTag to Blynk Using Node-RED.


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