Blynk for Arduino MKR WiFi1010

Seasons Greetings!

I’m just trying to set up my first device.

I have a Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 which appears to be supported by Blynk, however it does not appear in the drop downs, Arduino MKR1000 with a WiFi 101 shield seems to be the default. I’m having difficulty compiling with these settings.

Any wisdom appreciated!!

Blynk Legacy or IoT?

Are you wanting to use dynamic provisioning?

What Blynk library version do you have installed?


The board not showing up or the port?

Try to update blynk app.

Hi Pete,

Thanks for the reply.

I’m using Blynk IoT. I have the Blynk Library 1.0.1 installed and the SAMD Board Manager.

I’m not wanting to use Dynamic Provisioning straight off, but it could be useful later.

Thanks for your interest!



I’m working off my laptop so the Blynk IoT is the latest web version…

I have no idea what that is.

I’d suggest starting with Edgent as it’s fairly difficult to add-in the Edgent provisioning features later.
In the Arduino IDE open Tools > Examples > Blynk > Edgent and select the MKR1010 Edgent example.

If you don’t want to use Edgent then open one of the WiFi examples.

Blynk expects the MKR1010 certificates to be up to date, so you may need to use the WiFi firmware updater to achieve this.


Brilliant, thank you.

Festive regards