Blynk explanation

I’m using esp8266…can i know how does blynk connect to our esp8266 and how it let us control the esp8266 through the blnyk app? Sorry for my bad english

The Blynk app connects to the Blynk server, and the ESP8266 also connects to the Blynk server.

The only time the app can talk directly to the MCU is via Bluetooth, but as the ESP8266 doesn’t support Bluetooth then a separate Bluetooth adapter would be needed.

I’m not a fan of using Bluetooth with Blynk, as you have to be close to the MCU and some Blynk functionality doesn’t work with Bluetooth.
Also Blynk is supposed to be an IoT system, allowing you to control devices from anywhere. Obviously that doesn’t work with Bluetooth.


is there any documentation that i can refer about the blnyk server that connected to esp8266? i want to know how it works

Documentation and source code for creating your own local Blynk server: