Blynk + ESP8266 + Strip of APA102 LEDs

Hello, I would like to share my method of using an ESP8266 (standalone) and three large sliders in the Blynk app to control the red, green, and blue components of a strip of APA102 Leds (also known as DotStars). I used the Arduino IDE to upload the code linked below:

Code on

Next I’d like to write a sketch to control parameters in the FastLed Library, but since FastLed doesn’t run on the ESP8266, I’ll need to set up the ESP as a WiFi shield connected to an Arduino. Cheers!


Video Here. P.S. I am not using logic level shifters to connect the ESP8266 to the strip of LEDs, but sometimes it is difficult to get the ESP to boot up and run the program after a power-off. I find that it helps when I disconnect the data pin from GPIO 15 when powering on. I’m curious to know if any other libraries for APA102 are compatible with the ESP. If you’re running APA102 LEDs directly from an ESP, what library are you using?


Awesome! Can you post a video of it working? People love inspiring videos and often try to recreate such projects.

Thank you for sharing!

Made that experience as well even while using the basic DHT and a digital photo sensor… glad I’m not alone… :slight_smile:

Here’s the video I made this week. If anyone is doing LED strip projects with the ESP8266, let me know!

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This is very cool!

You know gpio15 needs to be low at boot, right? I had endless fun with the boot pins (0,2,15) and only used them why I know (can control) what their external startup states will be.

Thanks for the video! It’s great!

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thanks for those information, it also very useful even for manufacturer!
of course you also can get apa102 led from shining future led

i want to know if Blynk + ESP8266 can support SK6812 led strip ?

If you can make it work without Blynk, then you can do it with Blynk easily.

Yes it can, you’d just have to use NeoPixelBus instead of FastLED.

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