Hello I am using Eclipse and Espressif SDK to direct programming. I have interested by Blink. I am wondering is the a way to use Blynk library in my IDE? Or maybe somewhere is a Blynk protocol description?


This should be a good starting point:
Please tell us how it goes…
I was able to run Arduino library with your setup, but if was 4 month ago, I don’t know if it works/compiles now (probably not).
Here is my code:
Just download the Blynk library and unpack/put esp8266 in the root of Blynk library (same level as docs, linux, etc).

Good luck!

Большое человеческое спасибо/Thanks!!!

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Hello! Now I’ve tried to compile project that you gave in Eclipse and I get some errors that I can’t resolve.

I think this is a types inconsistency, caused different version of code in /user folder and /blynk-library-master.
Here is a project itself.