Blynk energy payment


Is there any way to pay for Blynk energy except google play? In my country(Bangladesh) google play only accept credit card, no paypal, no gift coupon or even no redeem code works. But i can only pay through paypal. Is there any option for me???


I have same doubt india??
Any other methods of payment


Do you have Idea sim Card?
In google play it’s possible pay via idea billing.


Hello. No other options. You can use local server in that case.


Thanks for your reply. Is it possible to add a payment method to your webpage? so that everyone can pay easily directly through web portal where google play don’t work. .


Good idea. We’ll check what we can do here.


Amazing idea buddy


and make a web based app! like cayenne and (apexfusion witch is for reef tanks. and their own hardware but)…but anything on the interwebs can access it, doing everything on phone sucks…


This is the wrong topic for this thread. And your request has already been posted elsewhere. Please >follow the rules< and do not repost requests in multiple threads.