Blynk energy payment

Is there any way to pay for Blynk energy except google play? In my country(Bangladesh) google play only accept credit card, no paypal, no gift coupon or even no redeem code works. But i can only pay through paypal. Is there any option for me???

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I have same doubt india??
Any other methods of payment

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Do you have Idea sim Card?
In google play it’s possible pay via idea billing.

Hello. No other options. You can use local server in that case.

Thanks for your reply. Is it possible to add a payment method to your webpage? so that everyone can pay easily directly through web portal where google play don’t work. .


Good idea. We’ll check what we can do here.


Amazing idea buddy

and make a web based app! like cayenne and (apexfusion witch is for reef tanks. and their own hardware but)…but anything on the interwebs can access it, doing everything on phone sucks…

This is the wrong topic for this thread. And your request has already been posted elsewhere. Please >follow the rules< and do not repost requests in multiple threads.

Hi Dimitry. I have a problem with paypal payment. I have money in my paypal account, but the account is not linked to the credit card and I cannot set up a google pay account. I just get a message Error (OR-AFF-01). Anyway, is there any other option to purchase a Blynk energy (Is it possible to add a payment method to your webpage?), it’s a really cool app but it really is a problem to buy a Blynk energy. I don’t want to use a local server. Great job, greetings from Poland .

@TolekBananazBananowa apparently the new version of Blynk, which is currently being beta tested, won’t use energy at all.
So, it seems unlikely that Blynk will be putting in place any other method of payment at this point.
I’d suggest that you find a way of linking a debit/credit card to your google play account to allow you to make a purchase.

Alternatively, you could set-up a local server and give yourself as much free energy as you wish.


Thank you for the answer but not every student has a credit card but has a paypal prepaid account, as I wrote, I do not want to use a local server (too many extra problems), so it’s a pity i can’t buy a Blynk energy. However, I have to wait for the version with free energy. Thanks again and greetings.

I didn’t say it had free energy, I said:

which isn’t quite the same thing. There may still be a need to pay, it’s just not clear yet what the licencing setup will be.

No indication yet how long that might be. Maybe you’ll have a card by then anyway :wink:


OK, so I can see that it is probably better for me and other young people to switch to SUPLA and educate my skills there. In my opinion, this is a big mistake on your part, bye.

You say that as if I am in some way connected with Blynk, which isn’t the case.


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I am sorry for that, I suggested the description on your profile: Group moderators, anyway a company if cannot sell its product to young people will not develop in my opinion.
p.s. do you know how to close my account on this forum?

I have deactivated your forum account.


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