Blynk Edgent example not working

I got the example to work weeks ago and now not working. Nothing I know of changed.

What I am using:

  • Arduino 2.1.1
  • Seeed Esp32c3.
  • Pro + 10
  • Region NY3
  • Google chrome Version 114.0.5735.199 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I am using the example in githib only change is adding the given me by blynk.
#define BLYNK_TEMPLATE_NAME “testing wifi test”

I follow instructions on webpage “Blynk.Edgent overview”

Point 5 complied source

Device complies and uploads fine. now at point 6

" Connect your device in Blynk.App. To do it open the MENU icon in the upper right corner. Tap on + Add New Device . Select Connect to Wi-Fi option. The app will scan the WiFi networks around you and offer to connect to your device. You will see the template name you’ve chosen in step 1. Once the connection is established, the Blynk app will guide you through the provisioning process."

I click on “+ Add new device” choose my templet

Note never did the wifi login and instead gave me auth_token, which is shouldn’t do should get that from the login.

I tried all sorts of stuff but still failed.

Code is example with no changes

  Blynk is a platform with iOS and Android apps to control
  ESP32, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and the likes over the Internet.
  You can easily build mobile and web interfaces for any
  projects by simply dragging and dropping widgets.

    Downloads, docs, tutorials:
    Sketch generator: 
    Blynk community:  
    Follow us:        

  Blynk library is licensed under MIT license
  Blynk.Edgent implements:
  - Blynk.Inject - Dynamic WiFi credentials provisioning
  - Blynk.Air    - Over The Air firmware updates
  - Device state indication using a physical LED
  - Credentials reset using a physical Button

/* Fill in information from your Blynk Template here */
/* Read more: */
#define BLYNK_TEMPLATE_NAME "testing wifi test"

#define BLYNK_FIRMWARE_VERSION        "0.1.0"

#define BLYNK_PRINT Serial
//#define BLYNK_DEBUG

#define APP_DEBUG

// Uncomment your board, or configure a custom board in Settings.h
//#define USE_ESP32_DEV_MODULE
#define USE_ESP32C3_DEV_MODULE**
//#define USE_ESP32S2_DEV_KIT
//#define USE_TTGO_T7
//#define USE_TTGO_T_OI

#include "BlynkEdgent.h"

void setup()


void loop() {;

Hello @DougLeppard What app version you use? Android or iOS?

Strange, BLYNK_TEMPLATE_NAME should be same in sketch and in created device.

Invalid auth token can displayed if created device was removed.

I don’t quite understand what you mean by this.

Your device clearly already has an Auth token beginning with “OsQS” stored in its NVR memory.

Your screenshot of the “New Device Created!” appears to be taken from the web console, but you were supposed to be performing this operation in the mobile app, not the web console.

You should probably delete the device you created in the web console and clear the stored credentials from the device using the hardware reset button defined in Settings.h then do the “+ Add Device” process in the mobile app.


I have an android (galaxy). Pete is right I set it up only in console not in app.

Haven’t looked at it yet, doing a work around until I have time to look at this problem.

I do like Blynk and willing to do homework to fix issues,

Any suggestions I will work on soon.