hello Blynk team, do you have information about the release of Blynk.Discovery, and integration with Alexa? I have a product that to sell it I need these features. thanks!

Hello. Our recommendation is to start selling your products right away (via PRO plan). Features will be implemented over time and you can enable them as soon as they will be released.

That’s strange advice!
I can’t imagine you’d have great customer satisfaction if you sold something as “Works with Alexa/Google” then reading in the small print that this will be implemented at an unnamed date in the future.

The Blynk website says “Alexa and Google Home (coming July 2021)” so there might be some unhappy PRO customers if they signed-up for the PRO package based on this info and that target isn’t met.



I agree with you Pete, I will be subscribing to the PRO plan this month, but in the case of this product I will wait until the launch of these features, to publicize it.

still talking about Blynk.Discovery, the Blynk website says “publish your products to Blynk.Discovery. Clients will purchase products from you, download blynk app, and pair it with your devices by themeselves(eg.via QR code)-no email invite needed”, I understand that the publishing cost will be $49 and the activation cost for each device will be $4.99. In this mode (Blynk.Discovery) will each customer who buys my product also occupy a user seat in my PRO plan?

You can sell the product without “Alexa and Google Home” integration in the first place. (Unless that’s the killer feature for your porduct). Usually, features like Alexa is just a bonus. I mean, you don’t put that label “works with alexa” on your product box.


perfect, since it will be a home automation device we can say that the integration with Alexa will indeed be a killer feature. I am happy to know that using Blynk.Discovery the user seats will not be occupied and I look forward to the release of these features. until then I will use the PRO plan to improve and test other parts of the project. Thanks for the answers.

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You actually can start with PLUS. PRO is required only when you need sub organizations and more user seats. And user seats counter is applied for your org + sub ogrs.

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I’m sorry, maybe I wasn’t entirely clear about this, but I have another product that will be sold in subscription mode. so the PRO will be useful from now on. I hope to have many successful products in partnership with Blynk, wish me luck! :wink:

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We hope too - good luck!

As a heavy user of both Alexa and Google Home, I would totally agree that this is a killer feature and a huge selling point for any smart home device. It will be launched before or together with Blynk.Discovery. @Dmitriy is just a “privacy-first” person who is not a huge fan of these things (can’t blame Blynk CTO for that) :smiley:

Unfortunately, this launch is not happening in July as we planned due to stabilization and bug fixing. Current ETA is September 2021.


You should update the website in that case…


Just curious if there is a timeline update for Blynk.Discovery and Google Home/Alexa?


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Did you mean September 2022 ? :thinking:


I am also eagerly awaiting blynk.discovery to be available. With more than a few users, the email invite method is starting to become cumbersome.

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Just wondering if there is any update on Blynk.Discovery and Google Home/Alexa? Reading back it looks like they may launch together?

While it may not add a tonne of functionality to all products, having Google Home/Alexa, integration especially for a consumer product, is becoming more and more “required”.

Hopefully we can get some kind of timeline soon.

@Pavel Do you have an estimate on when Blynk.discovery will be available?

If in the new Blynk.discovery if my customer wants to add 30 devices from us. Who will bear the cost for it.
Do my customer (his blynk account) need to be in plus or pro package and he pays the subscription to blynk

Or those 30 devices counts on our account, also will he be there in our sub organization or not.

Kindly clarify

As of now the scenario we thought was to sell the product and after 1 year charge them on a subscription model for ongoing service.

The end-user will bear the cost in case of the Discovery. However, this is not finalized yet.

I’m not sure when this is going to be ready, but I was thinking about pricing recently. I think there needs to be two options. If someone wants to do ONLY Blynk.Discovery the original cost of $5/device seems fine.

But if I am already paying for say 100 devices in PRO, I feel like it’s very strange to have to pay again for devices connected through Discovery.

I understand that the devices may not be included in the total devices, but I think they should. Let PRO users use this new service and utilize the devices they already paid for. Otherwise I don’t see the point in buying larger plans if there are going to be a lot of sales through this new process.

The reason Blynk.Discovery is needed is so WiFi devices can be set up without needing the users email address for sales in stores, etc. Perhaps you have another idea for PRO customers to solve this coming?