Blynk device on openwrt

Hey all!
Is it posible to run a blynk on openwrt? for example to blYnk some leds on my router?)

Not in the sense you want it I think. Maybe if it supports python though? Could be worth trying, but I think it’s gonna give you hard times :slight_smile:

Yes it is possible, but we have currently no easy installation package…

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maybe you have any tutorial?

Again, not yet.

  1. If you have node.js on your router - it will be very easy to run our JS library.
  2. Python/Lua could also work, but may require more work.
  3. At last, C++ library is available, but you will have to cross-compile it manually (may be complex, depends on your skills).
    Every option is doable but different complexity, which one would you prefer?

can you please send me the C++ library?


This is just linux folder inside of regular Arduino library:
There’s a build script for linux/raspberry pi

Please check this topic, and please continue discussion there: How to get Blynk running on OpenWrt?