I have several controllers on the same template and recently they are going offline. The problem is that they are far away and there is no way to connect them for diagnostics.

Could the cause be in the initial configuration code? I used to compile these controllers with BLYNK_DEVICE_NAME , but now it says BLYNK_TEMPLATE_NAME in the web console.

But surprisingly, everything was working until a week ago.

Hello @Murkur. In any case it is better to use BLYNK_TEMPLATE_NAME Please read

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Having device name instead of template name shouldn’t be an issue for devices that are already in the wild.
It will be an issue when you re-compile the same code with a later library, as you’ve discovered.

My guess is that your devices share the same Auth token. If this is correct then this was always a bad thing to do, but the latest server-side updates have outlawed this practice so that only the last device to connect with that Auth token will be allowed to stay online. All other devices with that token will be kicked-off the server.


My devices have unique tokens so that’s not the problem. And the problem is not with the Internet, because there were 7 devices in that network and one of them worked. But the other 6 were on a different pattern.

And it is interesting that today everyone is still working stably all day. I will continue to observe.

Thank you all.