Blynk Device Going Online then Offline

I have a ESP8266 firebeetle when i’m trying to use the quick start, I copy the code and just pasted it on blynk. It works but when I go on “my device” it turns online then next minute offline, and it happens repeatedly. My wifi seems fine set my board manager as “generic ESP8266 Module” from this board manager url:

It happen to 3 different types of esp8266 boards and always lead to a offline and online response. Not to sure what is the problem the computer or something else entirely.

What does your serial monitor show when the device goes offline?


It is spamming connecting and ping

I was expecting you to share the text from the serial monitor which shows the point at which the device goes offline, followed by whatever happens next.


Do you understand the difference between text and a screenshot?

And you need to set the correct baud rate before you copy the text and paste it to the forum. And don’t forget the triple backticks at the beginning and end of the serial monitor text.


I’m sorry I’m quite new to IOT so please bare with I’m manage to fix the baud rate but I’m quite confused when you said triple back ticks

Adding triple backticks ``` before and after a code is a way to indicate that the enclosed text is code and should be formatted as such. This is particularly useful when sharing code on a platform that supports syntax highlighting, as it makes the code much easier to read and understand.