Blynk Developer Program

Pavel, Dmitriy, et al.,

Have you ever considered a Blynk Developer Program analogous to the Apple Developer Program?

If you’re interested in creating apps for distribution, enroll in the Apple Developer Program. Membership includes access to beta OS releases, advanced app capabilities, and tools needed to develop, test, and distribute apps and Safari extensions. You must be 18 years or older to join.

As with the Apple Developer Program, let’s assume the Blynk Developer Program is 99 USD per membership year. If nothing else, maybe the program offers Blynk developers visibility into (and preferrably access to) advanced capabilities otherwise only available with the Enterprise Plan. Maybe the program allows (limited?) app exporting for personal use / testing (an idea currently on the Blynk Roadmap).

I’m guessing a lot of Community members would be willing to pay 99 USD a year for these added capabilities.



Sounds interesting. Let us think on that a bit.