Blynk desktop app (Android Emulator)

hi guys,
this is not a project made with blynk per se, but i did not know where to post it.

always wanted a desktop blynk app and now i found a solution, thought it might help someone else:
nox app player
i am not affiliated with them, worked for me on os x without any issues. there s some cpu usage that i d prefer was smaller, but beggars can’t be choosers, right?

as a side effect, i can also test all the android goodies that the team don’t release on ios as well :smiley:


Yes, these Android Emulators can sure come in handy!!

I used Droid4X for awhile, even though is seems like a discontinued program. But then had to switch to an AMD processor and realised Droid4x only worked well on Intel.

I found MEmu, and it works well on both platforms for the PC market.

It is not displaying all the keyboard icons I use in the labels, but that is not relevant to the operation of Blynk.

What camera are you using there ?

I prefer BlueStacks. It works really well, the only thing you cannot do (on Mac anyway) is run VirtualBox and BlueStacks together because BlueStacks also uses virtualbox and it messes up your installation, so I’m running VMware for virtualization.

Old Foscam FI8910 P&T I would like to figure out how to control the P&T via network commands, and eventually Blynk… but that is a bit beyond my focus level at the time. Right now, if i want to move it around I use my Security DVR program.

if i assume P&T is the thing that makes the camera move, maybe you can use an esp to control the motors and pair em with a joystick on blynk ^^.

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I assume there will be servo’s in there to move. I’d just open it up and hack the servo’s onto a Blynk controlled arduino or esp.

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Great minds think alike ^^

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Yes, Pan & Tilt. Yes I could easily hack it that way, but that would “break it” for “normal” use.

I know it can be done via network commands from any IP camera app or viewing software that is compatible, I just don’t know how to “hack” that.

It is little gear driven DC motors with limit switches.

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Dear @Gunner ,
thanks a lot for your nice finding regarding the Android Emulation on PC !
I installed and it is running fine but there is a problem with the “fonts” especially at terminal widget. Did you see this problem at your installation(s)? Is there any workaround regarding the font size etc aesthetics ???

Thanks and Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis

There is a notable difference in the amount of text per line and lines per terminal screen size and so on, but that is also the same between my main phone and tablet, not to mention any other device I try Blynk on… I think that is primarily driven by the devices resolution and ppi (pixel density), not by Blynk.

For example, this is the same project on my phone and on my tablet… subtle differences in font sizes, LED & slider graphics, even the keyboard emoticon images… ahh the joys of Android standards :wink:

You can customize the emulator to have a specific resolution and ppi … perhaps make it match your iPhone screen as close as possible if that helps.

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You gave me a perfect advice regarding the resolution and PPI. ( dpi )
I put my Android phone numbers ( 1920 X 1080 @ 480 dpi ) and now everything appeared as it should !!! Thanks friend.

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We like your project to

i think foscams had some standard or reverse engineered api, probably posted on ipcamtalk
it s worth a look

thanks guys for the other suggestions, i ll look at em, nice

ah yes a professional way, well i am sure at some point you will want that to work and you will find how to do it.
Im going a bit more amateur style with these guys:
Still waiting for them to be delivered tough, Aliexpress is good and all but shipping takes so long :weary:

Hi I am having an issue with getting Nox to work with blynk, have you had any issues? Nox works fine with my other apk’s. Maybe there is a thread specifically for emulators. See image

-Which version/release of Nox are you using?

-Latest version of Blynk??

@daveblynk This is an OLD topic. If you have current issues it is best to create a new topic… however, This is NOT really a Blynk issue anyhow.

I use NOX every day… works just fine with Blynk. Both Cloud and Local Server.

There was some issue with Local Server, wherein the App would slowdown and lockup, but that was related to any older version of Android, not just NOX… and regardless, it has cleared up between last App and Server update

NOTE I am using NOX

K thanks, I will have to see if I can roll back to 5 and see if that makes a difference.

Have you ever used your version with Blynk before? Using Cloud Server or Local Server? If Local Server, are you using the proper port, 9443?

@daveblynk FYI, I just loaded NOX Works just fine with Blynk.