Any chance of getting a overload for the debug dump. would be nice to have a second piece of text at the end.

would be super useful for units

this file… master/Blynk/BlynkDebug.h maybe add this?

#define BLYNK_DBG_DUMP(msg, addr, len, post) { BLYNK_PRINT.print(msg); BLYNK_PRINT.write((uint8_t*)addr, len); BLYNK_PRINT.println(post); }

Great that you started looking into the code. If you have any comments/suggestions - don’t hesitate to ask.
Could you please explain the use-case for this one?

I was thinking it could be used to print something like
setting light at 20% brightness
where "setting light at " is the msg and “% brightness” is the post part.

BLYNK_LOG is exactly for that! it’s just like printf…
No need to change BLYNK_DBG_DUMP :slight_smile:

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