Blynk database data to mysql database

Does anyone know how to get the data sent to blynk and send it to my own database, which is mysql/myphpadmin

This might help you

If that doesn’t help, you can try your luck with Node-RED.

If you’re using the cloud servers for Blynk Legacy or Blynk IoT and are hoping to extract detailed historical data and insert it into a SQL database then you won’t have much luck.
You can generate reports that will give you CSV data, but they won’t go back very far.

If you have a Legacy local server then there are greater possibilities, especially if you enabled raw data storage, as the data already exists in a SQL database.

Moving forward, you could write the data to both Blynk and your SQL database, but how you do the SQL write will depend on where your database lives and how you access it.

By far the simplest solution would be to use Node-Red, as you can per form the data writes to Blynk and the SQL database simultaneously with very little effort.
If you’re going to run Node-Red on a Raspberry Pi and store the database on the same device then you’ll need to use an SSD rather than an SD card, otherwise you’ll kill the SD card very quickly.

Without more information from you, it’s difficult to advise any further.


The simplest solution would be to install DB with the HTTP interface (mongo DB, for example, but there many others), in that case, you can just create a webhook, that will stream the data in real time to the DB.