Blynk Data .csv Limitation

Hello, I’m new to Blynk.
I have a little project with my tiny strawberry aeroponic. I use Blynk for the interface and data storage. Super chart is used so I can get the .csv file. While, the datas updated every 1 sec.

Here’s the problem. When I export the file into .csv format then send it to my email, i open it and not get the whole data like i have in my super chart. I mean, my system started to work from November 1, but yesterday, i just get the data from November 13.

Can somebody help me get the previous data? Thank you!

I think that’s one of the limitations of using the free cloud servers. If you want access to your long term data then I think you need to host your own local server and enable database logging.


#maximum number of points that are fetched during CSV export
#43200 == 60 * 24 * 30 - minutes points for 1 month