Blynk Controlled Internet Radio

I threw this little project together tonight while I was bored.

It’s an Internet radio! I’ve been slowly modifying some code and instructions I found here

Here is a shot of the basic app layout and functions and also a shot of the setup.
It’s just an esp8266 dev board and vs1003/1053 MP3 codec decoder. I found some code online and just trying to reverse engineer it for Blynk.

I’ll post the code up once I’m done if anyone is interested.


@Jamin that would look nice with the “Music” Player widget.

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Hi there!
How do you get the measurement about WiFi signal strength?


map(WiFi.RSSI(), -105, -40, 0, 100) + String('%')

The moment it comes out on iOS i will be trying it!
I could use Droid4X but I do most of the testing on my phone :frowning:

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Can you please be bored more often :pray:
Amazing project. We will release Player Widget on iOS hopefully next week.


Dear @Jamin Jamin,
thanks a lot for your fast reply.

Sorry I didn’t understand what your command
map(WiFi.RSSI(), -105, -40, 0, 100) + String('%')
is doing ex where the WiFi level percentage is fetched … I am not programmer tho

Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis

WiFi.RSSi() gets the WiFi signal strength in dBm and then the range of -105dBm to -40dBm is mapped to a % between 0 and 100.

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Aaahhh I see now. Thanks Costas, nice little tip from Jamin!
( Is there somewhere all this API calls putted together for quick reference? )

Google :grin:

@Jamin you connect the screw drive to ESP-12F antenna is that to get better WIFI signal ? :slight_smile:

Absolutly correct :wink: … haha jokes… the blue led was making my camera go nuts so had to cover it lol!

This is actually prooving quite hard to modifiy.
Removing anything to do with the Webserver breaks the compile.
@Costas or @Dave1829, you guys wanna have a crack?

beyond my ken mate, well beyond!

Wouldn’t it be easier to pick up the stuff which controls the music instead of trying to remove the webserver? It looks like it’s based on that as main means of control so I’d rather pick stuff which works for playing music and build a Blynk interface around it.

I’ve tried pulling out the bits but nothing seems to work… its probably the most confusing sketch ive ever tried to work from.