Blynk.Console updates for the last 2 weeks

Hello all.

Right now is the vacations periods, however, we still were able to deliver some interesting improvements. I’ll put it here, so you don’t it miss it:

  • Ability to suspend the user. Suspended users will be logout immediately and will not be able to log in until you make them active again. Suspend action could be found in the user actions menu
  • Non-raw datastreams are now allowed in the Modules widget
  • Device Actions log permission was added, so now you’re able to view the control actions over the specific device (PRO feature):

  • Added HTTP API to fetch multiple pins data at once - Get Multiple Datastream Values - Blynk Documentation. It could be useful in case you want to save the bandwidth
  • Automations now support placeholders in the body and title of the message - Automations - Blynk Documentation. If you need anything else - just let me know
  • Added Billing permission, so now you can control who can view the billing section via permissions
  • Added Reboot action in the device menu, so now you can remotely reboot the device (latest library required)
  • Critical issue fixed when widgets were not enabled for the invited users of PLUS/PRO plans.

Ongoing big features:

  • Return digital/analog pins
  • Static tokens managements

If you have any ideas, suggestions, please let me know.


Please return combined dashboards it would be very use ful for me and many otherS
edit-sincere request to reconsider similar initiativ Free Energy for your projects
even ifttt has started many such initiatives

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