Blynk.Console strange and (probably) blocking behaviour

Hi All,
up to now very satisfied by years of Blynk use, but today I encountered my first problem that I’m not able to solve taking advise by the forum previous topics…

I had 4 templates with 1 device each, then I create a new template (“Integrator”) with a new device (“Integrator” as well).

Unfortunately this forum doesn’t allow to post more than one image (and resize i if too big…) so I had to merge the different screenshot: sorry for this…

Other notes:

“Irrigazione” and “Integrator” are completely different projects, “Integrator” is the last one (implemented this weekend), while “Irrigazione” is the second one (implemented last february) and I never had problems with it.

Both “Irrigazione” and “Integrator” are based on ESP32 and Edgent (I need it for OTA update)

“Integrator” device never went Online even if it seems to start ok (Connecting Ok, Certificate Ok, Running) and serial monitor shows it runs at least offline (for now it is a very simple script):

“Irrigazione” device has now a strange new behaviour (at least I never sow it before…): goes offline more frequently , and when offline the smartphone app continues to receive data from to the device (but can’t send data to it)

“Irrigazione” Device Info reports the correct template name and Authtoken

I tried to solve the problem duplicating the “Integrator” template, deleting it and creating a new device “Integrator” from the duplicated one: no way: “Irrigazione” device appeared again under the new template…

It seems that I’m no more able to implemant new projects and in any case I need “Irrigazione” Device to be reliable and I’d prefer (very much!) not to change its FW without OTA update since it is not easily reachable (I use Edgent for these reason).

Any idea about what is happening and how to solve it?

Thank you very much,

It sounds lile you’ve used the two lines of firmware configuration code from the “Irrigazione” template in the sketch for your “Integrator” device, but it’s difficult to tell from the information you’ve provided.

I’ve bumped-up your permissions so that you won’t be limited in the same way when it comes to posting images.


Hi Pete,
thank you very much: problem solved!
You are right, months ago I used this ESP32 for some experiments: since the “Irrigazione” HW is in a not easily accessible position, I swiched it off and I used a different ESP32 to test the new SW. At the end I disconnected this experimental ESP32, switched on the original one and updated it with OTA. Everything worked flawlessly.
The probelm is that now I took this “experimental” EXP32 from the drawer for the “Integratore” project, forgetting that it has been already used and that I had to “clean” it form previous configuration data.

I’ve just erased the ESP32 flash memory with esptool, loaded again the script and everything now seems ok.

Thanks again for your hint that led me to the solution… and also for all other hints that I took from your answer in the community and helped me in many occasion!