Blynk Console sends the bin file to all my 3 Devices

I was trying to update one of my 3 devices from the Console OTA, I selected one device
named CSR3 as usual but Blynk sends the file to all of the 3 devices in the same time… How Come and why? Now the first 2 device which was not selected are offline why the 3rd one which was selected still online but in continious restart… Panic!!!

This this the Log: Note that the OTA has been shipped to all the 3 devices in the same time!!!

CSR1 1CH TTGO R64,108855,“2024-01-19 20:29:00”,“STARTED”
CSR1 1CH TTGO R64,108855,“2024-01-19 20:29:30”,“STARTED”
CSR1 1CH TTGO R64,108855,“2024-01-19 20:29:30”,“REQUEST_SENT”
CSR1 1CH TTGO R64,108855,“2024-01-19 20:29:30”,“FIRMWARE_REQUESTED”
CSR1 1CH TTGO R64,108855,“2024-01-19 20:29:46”,“FIRMWARE_UPLOADED”
CSR2 4CH R66,114150,“2024-01-19 20:29:23”,“STARTED”
CSR2 4CH R66,114150,“2024-01-19 20:29:30”,“STARTED”
CSR2 4CH R66,114150,“2024-01-19 20:29:30”,“REQUEST_SENT”
CSR2 4CH R66,114150,“2024-01-19 20:29:30”,“FIRMWARE_REQUESTED”
CSR2 4CH R66,114150,“2024-01-19 20:29:45”,“FIRMWARE_UPLOADED”
CSR3 2CH R65,117634,“2024-01-19 20:28:58”,“STARTED”
CSR3 2CH R65,117634,“2024-01-19 20:29:30”,“STARTED”
CSR3 2CH R65,117634,“2024-01-19 20:29:30”,“REQUEST_SENT”
CSR3 2CH R65,117634,“2024-01-19 20:29:30”,“FIRMWARE_REQUESTED”
CSR3 2CH R65,117634,“2024-01-19 20:29:42”,“FIRMWARE_UPLOADED”
CSR3 2CH R65,117634,“2024-01-19 20:29:51”,“SUCCESS”


Any replay from the developers please to explain how could this mistake happened…
I know it is not allowed to ship multiple OTA so why this happened when I select only one device?