Blynk Console changed?

I am working on a project to make servo’s turn a wooden train track of my little boy
On Youtube i found some examples for Blynk 2.0 but it seems to me the console is changed ??

Is Blynk 2.0 still available somewhere ? so i can go on with my project ?"

hope to hear soon


“Blynk 2.0” is the current version of Blynk, commonly known as Blynk IoT

If you talking about the layout of the layout of the web console then yes, there have been some recent changes, with the addition of the “developer zone” and moving some of the menu options around to make them more logical.

Is there a specific thing you can’t find?


I got it all working now…
Had to figure a few things out but solved it…

Is there an option with Blynk to make a custom layout for the app ?like adding pictures background etc ?


You can add images with the image gallery widget, but not as backgrounds.

I guess that if you went for the Enterprise subscription then it would be possible.