Blynk connection with Wifi ESP8266 Shield

I try to find the solution in forum, but I can’t find specific information about the following problem.

At today, I have an code to send sensor data to an MySQL database in a outside server and send the same data to Blynk.

I use Arduino MEGA with RFM69 radio to grad the sensor data along way, and use W5100 Ethernet shield in Mega to inject the data in MySQL database and Blynk. This hardware configuration works well.

Now, I try to replace the physical Ethernet connection with a ESP8266 Shield connected to Mega.
This new configuration works well with WiFiESP Library and inject data correctly in MySQL database.
I test the connection with Arduino+ESP8266 shield only to Blynk and works well, too.

Nevertheless, when I try to connect to MySQL + Blynk, Blynk don’t connect and give me erratic problens.
I can initialize this configuration with W5100 physical ethernet shield, but not with ESP shield.

I already try BlynkSimpleShieldEsp8266.h library, but can make this work.
When try initialize with Blynk.begin (auth), the system reset or freeze…

I try inject the data using Blynk HTTP API and I can inject the data on Blynk with the MySQL, at same connection made by WiFiESP library, but this is the best or only way !

It’s possible to access to Blynk when WifiESP.h already open the connection ?

Best Regards

No one can help how to make a Blynk connection when the internet connection is made by others library, with a ESP8266 shield.
Someone have an example for this situation ?

Some help ?

Thanks in advance.