Blynk connection when IP address changes

Hi everyone,

When the IP address changes from the ISP, the esp8266 device cannot be connected to the blynk cloud. We need to restart him constantly in order to activate the device.

Do you know what the solution to this problem is?


Are you using Local or Cloud Blynk Server?

Cloud Server should be fine, happens to me all the time (my WAN IP changes almost daily) and all my devices stay connected OK).


We use cloud blynk server, we tried it on two different locations with two different ISPs.

On the first ISP it works without a problem, but the other has this problem when the IP address is changed by the provider the device goes offline (cannot be connected on its own)

Do you have any reconnection code in your sketch?


We work with the sketch recommended by Blynk and as I can see there is no reconnection code. Can you help me how to insert that reconnection code?


It depends if this is a stand-alone ESP8266 or an ESP8266 used as a Wi-Fi modem for something like an Arduino.
If you search the forum you’ll see lots of discussions on the subject and a variety of different solutions for different hardware setups.
It’s difficult to say which (if any) will work for your setup, as I’ve never experienced - or even heard of, this type of issue occurring before.


It is an ESP8266 used as Wi-Fi modem for an Arduino. Could you help me to find that discussion, because i searched and I couldn’t find something similar to my problem?