Blynk connection toggling on/off every 2 seconds

I had a Blynk project running for a year or so with no problems.
I am using Arduino Uno with CC3000 wifi shield, the shield has the latest firmware v.1.14

Yesterday I uploaded the orginal code again just to check that everything was working in the updated enviroment. (arduino 1.8.6 with all board and librarys updated).

My problem is that after this test upload the project will not connect to blynk anymore.
It is connecting and then reconnecting to the blynk cloud every 2 seconds.
looking forward for suggestions to solve this:slight_smile:


Here is a picture:

Skærmbillede 2017-11-22 kl. 10.02.59

A lot can change in a year…

Make sure everything Blynk (App, library & Local Server if applicable) is first updated to current levels, then reflash the sketch to the UNO. Confirm no compiling issues.

Also check to see if you are using any old methods and update them (like SimpleTimer to BlynkTimer).

If you still have issues, post your code (and format it for proper forum viewing - see below). Please, NO screenshots of your code (assuming that was what that picture was supposed to be)… we prefer actual code.

Blynk - FTFC

Thanks for quick response,
I found out that it was a memory issue, I have been pushing the limit of the Arduino memory. And after reducing my code, the system connected fine to blynk cloud. THANKS:-)

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