Blynk Connection Making Easy

So I have been working on a project. I have made a device but I am now facing a new problem.

I have a device which needs to be connected to internet in order to check live data .
But I am planning on moving this device very often so that will be a problem because everytime I move the device to a new place I will have to write the new SSID and PASSWORD to the device which is hard. So I have two solutions which I want to try.

  1. I will attach an external keyboard to the device and everytime I move It will enter new SSID and PASSWORD to the device. (Can be done Easily.)

  2. I some how make my device hotstop connect my mobile to it and feed new SSID and PASSWORD to the device . Need Your Help GUyz .


Have a look at the wifimanager library

Thanks but I am not quite getting what I want. I am working with esp8266 as shield with arduino uno so I want to make it a hotspot somehow and then feed it the ssid and password from my mobile and then when I restart it. It should connect to the internet.

That’s what the library does. It goes into hotspot mode (captive) and you input the SSID , password and Blynk Auth Token.

Personally I haven’t used it yet but that’s what happens according to the Github page :slight_smile:

I will have a look over the course of next week.