Blynk cloud

Hey guys.
I recently done my first project with Blynk and its working fine until this morning at 1pm i cant connect to the blynk could so i’m wondering if it’s only me or it’s for all and if it’s the first what’s maybe the problem.

Notice that i’m using the old Blynk app not the iot one and using the get value http request from the http api(

Are you doing this directly from a device on your network, or via a remote service such as IFTTT ?


I’m doing it directly from a device on my network.It’s was working fine this morning until now.

Have you tried rebooting your device and/or your router?

Can you ping ?


Yes i did and it’s the same
I ping it and it work fine with any lost(received=4)

So has this been down since 1pm or 1am your time?
What time is it in your location now?
How many hours/minutes has this been down?

Do you know which server your project lives on (Frankfurt, New York or Singapore)?


it’s been down since 1pm my time
the time in my location is 21:50(UTC+1)
I really dont know but i think it’s the Frankfurt one since in france

Okay, well all three Legacy servers are responding to pings for me (I’m in London, and the Frankfurt server is certainly working at present), and pings to also work.

Try pinging the Blynk servers by their IP addresses… (Frankfurt) (New York) (Singapore)

If that works, but pinging doesn’t work then your ISP is probably experiencing a DNS issue.