hi i liked the new blynk iot platform but
old blynk was best for simplicity that attracted new students like me
i am not saying new blynk is bad it is of course a great work but configuration of data streams, device adding with static tokens etc needs going from web dash to app to code again and again where as in earlier blynk it was so easy now here’s my request if possible try putting data stream adding and manage ment work through app and add the functionality to app

I do think it would be nice to have access to the datastreams while in developer mode in-app.

There is nothing “that” complicated that requires a web interface for the most part.

Yes. That’s in our plans. Thanks for suggestion anyway.

i am not saying complicated but we should go from web to aapp again and again
and some beginers on mobile are having trouble because blynk cloud isnt correctly visible in the wen