Blynk Cloud without Template id

I want to make a generic device for my users, who can have their individual templates.
So I need to know how can I load my ESP8266 device without template id.
How can user can add template id afterwards similar to wifi credentials in edgenet library.

Are these devices all the same?

Yes, basically I will load single code and give it to users who can add template by themself, but not programmatically.

Your users don’t need different IDs. Also the don’t need to fill anything manually.

The workflow is next:

  1. Create template
  2. Develop code using TMPL ID
  3. Flash code to devices
  4. Give the devices to your users/customers

Then, depending on how you want your users to access the devices you have these options:

  1. Invite users to your organization. They will be able to provision new devices from their accounts and use them. You will see all devices.
  2. Create an Organization and invite new user there. They will be able to provision new devices, but they will operate as a separate entity. Their devices will be separated from any other devices. You will be still able to view all of the devices in all of the organizations you create.

Optionally, you can provision Devices by yourself and then transfer them to client.

  1. You will soon be able to publish your template to our marketplace called Blynk.Discovery. In this case, your customers will download Blynk app, create an account by themselves, provision the devices and continue using them. There is no need for you to invite them manually.

Does that make sense? Which option do you think would work the best for you?


Hi. The Third option is really great and solves a good deal of scalability issue for us. Is there a rough timeline for this?

(Another option would be rest api for user management (invites etc) which we couls then embed in our own registration workflow for clients).

3rd option sounds great