Blynk.Cloud - Web Dashboard - Video stream does not work properly

The video widget does not work correctly on the web dashboard.
The widget is configured for the datastream containing a string with the correct URI, which changes every 10 minutes, but the video is never displayed.

When entering the uri in the uri field, the result is the same.
The video is in .m3u8 format and it works correctly on

The web dashboard widget is still in Beta though, so issues like this are to be expected, but it is good to flag them up to the developers.


Hello, @actaswu
Tried with a test video. The video is working.

Yes, now it works with string datastreams.

which changes every 10 minutes, but the video is never displayed.

What did you mean? Does your test video link change every 10 minutes?

And is it in real time or video recording?

Thanks for the response.
It is a live feed and the uri does change at regular intervals.
I just re-tested.
I can’t get it to work in the web dashboard. It works ok in on the app, the link as provided in the datastream / virtual pin displays correctly in the browser (Safari, Firefox).

I pasted the current link in the Uri field as well, to no avail.

All I see in the web dashboard is the buffering animation. (video feed is loaded instantly in the browser)
Best regards,

I have been looking for the topic ‘video stream on the web dashboard’, not many discussions on this. @actaswu can you tell me where you got the code fto have the camera sending .m3u8 Strings to the web dashboard?
Also, which camera and microcontroller are you using? Not the ESP32Cam by any chance?

Thank you.
Cheers, Luís Pereira.

@actaswu hello. Can you please provide a stream url example you’re using?

Sorry for the delay, I hadn’t noticed.

the video uri is in this format:

The problem is that the video source uri is encapsulated in the video project, e.g.


When I edit the attribute in the browser, the video stream shows fine.

It would be great if you could fix this.