BLYNK CLOUD - Question

Hey everyone,
On what websockets, protocol and frameworks does BLYNK based on? I mean what kind of things did they used in order to create BLYNK’s cloud?

Its open source. You can pick it apart yourself.

Yes, But I just understood that it is a TCP/IP server based on Java yes? I didn’t understand the way of transferring data, Is there any tutorial except the one in the github? Which shows examples as well like how the bin code looks like and an example of bin code to turn gpio 5 for example off.

@ExPoNe Hi. Here is some brief info -

In general Blynk cloud works in same way as typical MQTT broker -> Keep alive tcp/ssl connection opened + own binary protocol (similar to MQTT) over it.

Why we don’t use MQTT, but own protocol? Few reasons:

  • existent brokers were hard to extend (add new feature was hard);
  • existent brokers were not quick enough. Big codebase, bad architectures, slow speed;
  • our protocol super simple. You can implement basic client in 30 minutes;
  • no need in subscribe/publish model;

I tried to understand from github how this binary protocol works but there is no enough information. Can you explain a bit and give like one example of binary code which is used to to turn something on or something in this case?

every command in a protocol is processed on hardware side with the library. Basically “translating” a code of the command into smth like: digitalWrite(D5, HIGH)

Is there any example of how does the command translation to binary code works?

You can dig in

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