Blynk Cloud - Pin History - retrieving actual text


I am using an ESP8266 to store a test string into a virtual pin (V5), and goes into the blynk server. If I do a ‘Get Pin Value’ API call, then it return the last value of the string e.g. ([“ID23 Line Down - Total Runtime = 6”]) - this works quite nicely.

However if I use the API to retrieve the PIN history, then it creates a CSV file for me, but only contains two columns, the first is numerical, and the second is also numerical (which is Unix Timestamp).

Is there a way to retrieve the pin history as the actual text stored, along with the timestamp ?

This is a sample of the CSV:-

577.5 1.48823E+12
637.5 1.48823E+12
697.5 1.48823E+12
757.5 1.48823E+12
814 1.48823E+12
27.5952381 1.48823E+12
62 1.48823E+12

Hello. You can use Table widget for text events. Data import for text events is not yes supported. But will be available soon.