Blynk Change mind for Industry and cant just use for my house

Hi all! How is the method to use BLYNK at home? since now having multiple devices makes it difficult to use both the app and the web. I have 2 Arduino Mega and 2 Wemos in my house.

The first option I did was to make a template for each one. It worked for me, but every time I needed to do something in another room, I had to leave the template I was in and go to another.

Then the option I made today was to make 1 single template with all the devices but now what happens to me is that I have ALL THE BUTTONS in All the places and for them to work I have to change the device yes or yes, for example:

Arduino Mega.

1 switch = Living Light.


1 Switch = Garage Light

In both devices, all the switches appear but one does not work in the other, that is, if I want to turn on the light in the living room and turn off the light in the garage, I have to exchange devices / templates to be able to do it.

It got a bit tedious, I used to use bridge before, it was a good solution but now blynk was thought more for the “industry” and stopped being an application / service to domotize your home.


i use BLYNK for my house not for commercial.

Upgrade to plus plan to get more devices, it’s fairly cheap 59.99$/year.

@John93 I think you did not understand what I said, it is not because of the amount I already have PLUS. It is because of the bad disposition of things now you cannot have a “panel” with your entire house domotized since each device is weighing for each client, I use blynk for my house with SEVERAL devices.

Okay, so you would like to control multiple devices using one template, am I right ?

Yep, but not like pics on last topic.

Bridge widget has been replaced with automation, check this out

Yep i know that , i can make 1 templat with all switchs and when 1 switch change with automation change in real device but you think thats its good option ? -.-

It’s working just fine so yes, it’s a good solution in my opinion.
What’s wrong with it in your opinion ?

So much stuff for just simple MY HOME AUTOMATION. Blynk V1 just all in same screen.

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That’s not a big deal :slightly_smiling_face:

Just my opinion, but life gets so much simpler when you use Node-Red and MQTT for home automation projects, with Blynk as your front-end system.
You can have as many devices on one Blynk screen as you want (up to the limits imposed by your subscription), and it makes Alexa/Google integration easier too.