##blynk.cc IRC on Freenode

For those who are familiar with IRC, can now find a channel on freenode: ##blynk.cc

I saw here in the forums that there was a slack chat announced in 2016, but not all like that slack thingy. especialy me =)
So, we are in a divers world where everyone is able to choose his/her own way, i decided to open an IRC Channel on Freenode network. You are welcome to join.

For those who are not that familiar with IRC: it’s a server based chat system with clients on nearly every platform out there. Normaly many people are in those chat channels 24/7 with their client. But this does not mean, that they are personaly looking 24/7 into the channel. So, irc is a realtime chat, but sometimes you have to wait for answers. sometimes several hours. but you won’t get any answer, if you leave the channel.
There are dozens of tutorials for IRC. And also many informations about the “etiquette” on IRC out there, just goolge it.

It’s old and it has not much features -> it’s very basic. Some people like this much more than other solutions.