Blynk Business with Blynk Server

Good morning, fine, guys? I would like to know if using Blynk Business I can get my clients to connect to a blynk-server instead of using Blynk’s dedicated cloud, that is, my clients will not have internet because they live on farms, and in this case I would use blynk-server, so if I hire Blynk Business would I be able to have my application, with my brand, connect directly to a blynk-server? Sorry for the confusion in the question, I hope someone understands and can answer me. Thanks

I’m sure your question would be answered here at some point, but probably quicker if you head over to this page:

You’re looking to use a “local server” so best to include that phrase in your enquiry.


Based on past inquiries of similar and the above mentioned documents, you would get a dedicated cloud based server with full support and updates, with option to later “buy out” your subscription for use on your own server setup for whatever reasoning.