Blynk Bulk update (battery Powered devices)

Hi Blynkers,
I’m doing a battery powered device using ESP32+Sim800L collecting data every “X” minutes and uploading that data to my Project.

The fact to power the GSM module everytime the ESP32 is taking a measurement to raise that data into the SuperChart is not the best scenario to save power as you can understand…

Is there any way to upload data in “Bulk update” to Blynk?

The goal is to keep taking that measurements every minute, send data to Blynk every 10 minutes and obtain a nice Graph into SuperChart with all data properly displayed.

I have reached that goal using “other Platform” but, I’d like to achieve the same thing with Blynk.

I have been looking for something similar in the forum but all posts are quite old, not sure where we are right now…

Thanks and best regards!!

Not possible with the current version of Blynk. Not sure about Blynk 2.0, but it would mean a major re-write of the way that data is received, buffered and averaged by the server.


Hi Pete, thanks for your reply, my thoughts were in line with your comments. Let’s see if Blynk 2.0 comes with those features.
It’s a pity, that bulk update is mandatory for this project.