Blynk bridge+nodemcu+arduino

greetings guys ,
I’m working on Iot project in vehicular ad hoc networks , as a prototype i have a robot with many sensors and gps,gsm on it and controlled by arduino mega , I’m using the esmp8266 nodemcu as way of communication between the vehicles and to access the internet I didn’t try the GSM with blynk i started with the ESP first .

  • My issue , that i’m using the blynk bridge and as i understand that i can’t use the void loop in that case , But i need to recieve some data from the arduino through Serial (tx,rx) communiction then upload it to and send some msgs to other robots , could you help me with your ideas ?
    thank you :slight_smile:

Not using the void loop() with Blynk has nothing to do with Blynk Bridge… It is primarily a warning for newer users as doing too much in the void loop() can cause Blynk disconnections if it’s (Blynks) needs are ignored for too long.

If you are using multiple Blynk based MCU’s then bridge is the way to go…

If however you are looking to communicate with non Blynk based MCU’s then perhaps use I2C instead with a communications library like EasyTransfer… I haven’t gotten around to using it with Blynk yet myself, but it should work just fine.

thank you for clearing i didn’t that before . I want to make sure that i understood your words . so you prefer using the EasyTransfer I2C library as a way of communication between my Blynk based MCU with other non blynk based device (arduino) instead of serial communication ?

I’ll easytransfer library and let you know of the results :slight_smile:

This is going to work if there is only a master on the “network” and if the master is asking for data to the slaves, a slave can’t send data to master if master didn’t ask for it before… I tried that and finally I went to use softwareSerial…

@darkmoon Thankfully EasyTransfer uses Serial or Softserial as well as I2C. Lets see how @zeyadremaih does.

I just organised my cramped workbench a bit better… I think I might break out a few Arduinos and see if I can mix Blynk and non Blynk communication links

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hey guys
I have tried the software serial with the non blynk based arduino and the blynk based nodemcu it worked vey well in both directions ( transmitting and receiving ). and also i put into consideration the 5V to 3.3V regulation on the RX of the nodemcu thank you guys