Blynk Board can not find (internet) wifi

I am very new to Blynk and have searched the community without luck

(Sparkfun) Blynk Board
iOS 12
Latest version of iOS and blynk.

I can successfully see and connect my Blynk Board to my device over wifi - no problem.
But when it comes to adding an SSID & Password to access blynk server (or just internet) - I receive the message - can not connect.
I am attempting to connect to a hotspot on a different device.
Blynk Board is connected to blynk app on iPad while Blynk Board is attempting to connect to the hotspot on my phone.
I must be missing something here - however no matter what I try, the board will not connect to an internet connection.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You could find your case from here
I saw she is trong and stronger :grinning: