Blynk Best Practice Question for Connecting 2 ESP's: 2 Tokens + Bridge vs 1 Token?

I’m curious what the best practice would be for my scenario, and I’m using local server, but I think this scenario is the same for cloud:

I have one ESP that collects sensor data, and a separate ‘dummy’ ESP that is connected to a relay board to turn things on/off.

Is it smarter to use the same token for both esp’s- and for the sensor ESP, have something like “if temp > setValue, set virtualPin X to 1”

and then on my relay connected ESP with the same ID token, have some code like (I’m paraphrasing here):

if X == 1, digitalWrite OUTPUT PIN HIGH

or is it better (speedwise) to have TWO Id tokens, and send digitalWrite values over bridge from my sensor ESP to my relay ESP?


look at Bridge vs Same Token and different Vpins


@psoro Thanks! I’m having some bridge issues so I think one token is the best route to go.

SAME TOKEN (not bridge)

They both have their pro’s and contra’s. Same token is kind of easy and with tab widget you can create a tab for each device (if needed). Bridge is also handy if you need a LOT of vPins, but if you don’t I’d recommend the one token approach. It’s the easiest :slight_smile: