Blynk automation I want to use 2 conditions to execute a command

Hello everyone
I am new to the application, please help
I want to execute an order, but only after verifying two conditions
Each requirement on an esp8266 device is different
I want to combine the two conditions to execute a work order
Is this available or not… I don’t know

I want to execute a danger message notification or work order
For this to happen, you must check the two conditions, each condition in a template

Currently, two conditions are not possible. You can create one more datastream which changes from the hardware on the base of 2 first datastreams - and implement it in that way.

I see several RTL support bugs on your screenshot. We will fix them in one of next update s (I suppose it will be 1.15.1 or later)

Thank you, I wish you success

I hope that happens, thank you