Blynk + Arduino Uno + JY-MCU (MC 06) Problem

Hello all ,
i am trying almost 3 hours to be able to control pin 13 with on/off command .
in the promo video of blynk its look so easy .

what i do:

  • download the app
  • download and install the libery + tools folder
  • make an app in the mobile device + sent the key to my email
  • put the key on the blink builder
  • copy all the code to the IDE and upload it to the arduino .

until here its going great . in the app i add the blutooth widget + button
the app find the MC 06 and connect to him . the red dot led on the board stop blinking and show that the device are conected .

but when i try on\off pin 13 its not responding .

what should i do ?

thank you .

also if i open the terminal of the arduino this is what i see

thank you

someone help ?

That just means the BT module and your phone are connected… not that the UNO and the Blynk Server are connected.

Confirm you have the correct TX to RX and vice versa pin connections and BAUD rate between your UNO and the BT module.

Google for complete direction on how to do that if necessary as it is NOT Blynk specific.