Blynk Arduino Nano 33 BLE

Hi, I am trying to get a Arduino Nano 33 BLE to work with Blynk. The project I am doing involves my iPhone 6+ to notify me when the Arduino is too far away. I have tried the ArduinoBLE library and the various Blynk Bluetooth/BLE libraries but none of them are compatible with the Arduino Nano 33 BLE. My Blynk library is the latest version (0.6.1). For my project, the two functions I am going to use are BLE (to connect my device to my phone) and Notification (so my phone buzzes). If you could, I would seriously appreciate any help or support!

Notifications, email and twitter are not supported with Bluetooth. They all require 3rd party services via the Internet.


Thanks for replying.
I’m using the other BLYNK - Boards_Bluetooth examples to help me figure out which code would work with the Arduino Nano 33 BLE. Most of the Bluetooth example’s are similar but they each have some contrasting features. Another idea I had was that the nRF52840 is the Arduino’s processor, and one of the examples is nRF8001, so I’m hoping that the Nano’s code would be similar to it.

Hey, i have the same problem. Is there now a code example for the arduino nano 33 BLE with the Blynk app?

Thank you

Any luck? I have the same issue and am using Nano 33 BLE on several projects.