Blynk Application - superchart with Tabs

Hello, so after my mobile app auto updated to version 2.27.3 (now i have turned the auto-update OFF), while i was viewing the super chart in fullscreen mode, all of a sudden it changed orientation to normal bylnk viewing screen, however TABS fonts got somehow enlarged!

i also then upgraded the local server (on the RPI3) just incase to match the latest update. however still the same as per the below image.

to reset i have to kill the app and relaunch each time it happens

can you help please ?

That was apparently done in last update to accommodate larger displays like tablets… but yours do look rather oversized.

Wow, that’s for sure a bug. Can you provide your device model and display resolution?

I am using One plus 5 screen resolution : 1080 x 1920 pixels

So it happens after you exit from Super Chart fullscreen?

all of a sudden it changed orientation to normal bylnk viewing screen
App checks for orientation changes on the screen - so if you move the screen from landscape it exits the fullscreen.

yes, so i am seeing the super chart full screen in horizontal position, as soon as i turn the mobile vertical it will automatically switches to the main app , and at that point it freaks a bit but reverting back and forth the superchart and the end result will be as the image. even if i close the super chart full screen from the top right side icon it will happen the same.

I have notice that this happens only when the mobile is turned into horizontal position but this is a necessity to analyse the super chart.


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On next week I will release a new build with fixes to this issue