Blynk application development u

Deal all
I am trying to replicate this application using WiFi and blynk application software.

I would like to know weather these board supports blynk application.

My application required more no digital io /analog sensor like arduino uno. But esp8266 give less programme memory. Any development which give more programming space.

I need suggestion to use proper hardware development board that can interface with nodemcu and bigger graphical display I can use in this case.

Is there any advance hardware /development board available from blynk to use this kind of application

If you’re using an ESP8266 based device (such as a NodeMCU, Wemos D1 Mini or ESP-01) to act as a Wi-Fi adaptor for an Arduino board then the only role played by the ESP8266 device is as a Wi-Fi modem.
Program space on the ESP device is irrelevant, as you aren’t programming the ESP, you’re programming the Arduino.

You’d be better-off using an Arduino Mega with an ESP-01, or an ESP32 board and forget about the Arduino entirely.

You should also work on code optimisation, to reduce program memory utilisation.


My question is can I use development board links shared weather it support Blynk applications?? I have shared links above thread.

please let me know what is max Diplay that can be integrated with NodeMCU. if any recommendation please share links

I don’t know. If no other community users have tried using these before then you may need to buy one and try it.
However, I would imagine that if Blynk does run on these boards then it will be exactly the same as running Blynk on an Arduino Mega with an ESP-01 Wi-Fi adaptor.

I have no idea what this question means.


Can you suggest me the development model . which is supporting blynk application and memory spacing are similar to arduino Uno/arduino mega development board.

the link i shared uses built in adapter for end application.

What’s the problem with using an Arduino Mega with an ESP-01 as the Wi-Fi adaptor?


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You can use any display size included laptop screen with a digital converter using SPI pins of nodemcu.

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