Blynk app won’t let me open my device

I have a single device on Blynk with some widgets. On the web site it looks fine, but on the iOS app the device shows but when I select it I get the congratulations on creating your first device message and am forced to look at the documentation. I can see the default controls for my quick start template , but not my own widgets.

I have toggled dev mode and uninstalled app and data and reinstalled

Any idea what is going on?


Are you aware that adding widgets to the web dashboard does not add the same widget to the mobile dashboard and vice versa?


Hi Pete, no I wasn’t. I expected them to port from the web dashboard. Thanks for the heads up. I played with the app a bit more and found that the ‘congratulations’ panel was a widget. I have it working now. I don’t find the app very intuitive, but I will get there



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