Blynk App Updates

I noticed updates to Blynk Android and IOS app. Usually I find the new version with respective fix/updates are posted to this forum - is still the intent by Blynk developers or is there another location to find this information.

Hey @mars, how’s things?

I saw a Testflight beta update for iOS recently, but I thought that was just because the Testflight builds only last a limited amount of time and have to be re-issued?

The only Android fix that I was aware of recently was this one:

but I’m not sure if that’s a beta or production release (I try to avoid Android stuff as much as possible :face_vomiting:) but if it was just beta then I don’t think they get the same sort of release fanfare as production releases.

I get the feeling that Blynk 1.0 is in ‘maintenance only’ mode now, despite Blynk 2.0 not yet making an appearance.


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