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Trying to move some of my old blynk projects over to the new app. I’ve got the app built out in my account, now how do I get the mobile template to show up in customer accounts? I see here where I can add people to my organization. I’ve set out an invitation email and the customer has a account now. I’ve assigned the device to him, but his app is still blank. Only way I’ve found so far to get his device to show up I his account is to change his account from user to staff, but than all my other devices show up in his account. What am I doing wrong?

Do you mean like this

You need a Pro subscription to allow you to create a sub organisation for your customer. This type of subscription will also allow you to change the permissions for the “user” role.


No @John93, I’ve got the device transferred to the user, but when the user signs in to the new blynk app his device doesn’t show up unless I toggle his account to staff. But when I do that he’s able to see all my other devices.

Ok @PeteKnight thats what I was wondering. Had spent some time digging though those settings, but ya like you say, with my plan it won’t let me change any of the setting for the user. A lot of my projects are just hobbies for friends. Wonder if they’d just create their own organization if that wouldn’t be about the easiest in the long run, than they could add on to it and tinker with it if they want. Looks like u can only have 1 dev in an org. Hopefully there’s an easy way to copy a template to another org. I’ll go digging on that.

Don’t think so.

You should probably read this, and some of the replies from Blynk staff…

Nothing has changes since then though, as far as I’m aware.