Blynk.App - terminal window content (history) disappears every time the app is opened or reopened

every time I open or reopen the mobile app (Android, v1.7.5), the content of terminal window (history) is empty.
For me, it is a slight problem, as the IoT device does something and reports to terminal on backgroud, i.e. when I do no look at the app (app is closed). And all teese messages sent to terminal from hardware disaapear.
The legacy app kept track of it and I get used to it :frowning_face:
Is that a bug or feature?

This has been raised more than a few times before, and we don’t need another topic about the same subject, so I’m closing this one.

If you’d have done a quick search you’d have found plenty of discussion on the subject, like some of the topics linked in this post…