Blynk app is not recognising my node mcu device

I connected my nodemcu to the phone’s blynk app. It worked properly a few days ago. But for the last few days, the nodemcu device is connecting with the phone’s hotspot, but the blynk app can not recognize it. When the play button is pressed, It’s showing device is offline…IMG_20181210_120404

play button?
can you upload the sketch you use?

You are using old SSL port 8441… try 443 instead

did it…but not working

everything has been done …but It’s showing

device is connected …

No… not in the App… that setting is for Local Server only

You need to change the hardware/device port in your sketch… or just don’t use the SSL sketch

That all just means is the ESP is connected to your WiFi, but not to Blynks Server… whether or not your device is using the correct IP/URL and port to actually connect to the server is the question.


I assume that you’ve populated the Host address field with the IP address of your Blynk server, and that you’re connecting to the same network using Wi-Fi on your phone?


I want to connect nodemcu device directly to my phone through blynk app, just as it did a few days ago … Then everything was going well. but not running now. Tell me what to do if it is possible to replay.

which sketch should i use…???

omg…It’s working again…I uploaded esp8266_standanole sketch…

thank you so much…:kissing_heart::kissing_heart:
Hope you do this kind of help in the future…
thank you