Blynk App for PC

hi blynk,

I am using this app on my android mobile to monitor some sensors and control some outlets, found amazing, very helpful and user friendly.
I have one suggestion/need, if you make this app for computers (Windows etc) then it will be great optional source for everyone to use either mobile or pc.
Your efforts will be highly appreciated.



I believe some form of GUI desktop or webpage solution is in the works… but currently you can also use HTTP commands:

And you can use Android emulators on PC… I currently use MEmu

Thanks for your prompt reply.

i am already using emulator to run blynk app over pc but it is not the best solution.
I also created an app with C# visual studio for pc, works fine but after i found blynk app which is only for mobiles, i thought, if this blynk can have for pc then it will be very useful.

In emulator, it shows only a small display like mobile which is not so attractive but functioning.
functions are main things but look matters too.

thanks and hoping future Blynk app for pc too

Blynk is IOT and designed to run on mobiles… thus that is the base screen real estate it works within. This is normal.

Even if the Developers come up with a desktop GUI, they somehow need to maintain continuity between what is seen on the PC and what is on the mobile… so don’t get your hopes up for 4k Blynk displays quite yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You should try genymotion emulator, its probably faster then your smartphone. Inside the emulator you can also install gapps directly (playstore app).

Trust me, with this emulator, you don’t need a dedicated desktop app.

The OP didn’t like the emulator because it is the same screen layout as all phones (as is normal)… this emulator will not be any different in appearance.

I was going to try it out, but $136/year? And I didn’t see any free option, just a trial option.

Ah, wait… it doesn’t matter for me anyhow, it is not fully compatible with Windows 10 yet. I will stick with MEmu then.

It’s trial but nothing important is locked.
I use it on Windows 10
Give it a try and report back, you will love it :smiley:

Kind Regards

the memu play link has a virus

I haven’t used MEmu in ages. I use NOX at the moment… it has been serving me well for almost a year.

Actually, checking in my NOX app, the official site is here…

Not sure of the differtance :thinking: But at least it is getting current updates, it updated to a few days ago.


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@Gunner is waiting for the new platform.
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But I did hit a realisation that I was spending too much time here trying to keep order… even if only for my own sense of aesthetics.

As for the “new” platform… well… I started using Blynk as a great GUI for MCUs… but it is morphing into somthing rather different, and only time will tell if it will be worth my further energy investment.

So, for now I putter on other projects and only pop in once and awhile to see what’s up.

Keep up the good work @PeteKnight but don’t burn out :fire:


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You can use javascript to create a web application which can send web request!!
check for web commands here :